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For professional brewery solution and free exactly quotation, please do not hesitate send inquiry below.

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How to build your own micro brewery equipment

How to build your own micro brewery equipment

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Part 1: Make an initial communication

As a buyer, you best to collect some necessary information and make a general plan of your microbrewery business. Then you are able to talk about your idea with us. We will feedback you if your idea is workable.

Most of the equipment suppliers like us have a standard configuration of the whole beer system which they think is reasonable and common. We will provide a professional and detailed equipment list. It will very helpful for you to get full information of your brewing equipments. Of course, this equipment list just give you a top view of the whole system. There should be something which is not suitable or customerized for you. So we should talk more :)


Some questions as reference to help you understand more.

1. How many liters beer you want to get per day, per month or per year?

2. Which one heating method you prefer? Steam heating, electric heating or direct fire?

3. For the brewhouse materials, you want red copper or Stainless steel?

4. You prefer Automatic operating or Semi-automatic operating? This also related with your budget price.

5. Do you have building for setting brewery equipment now? If yes, please share the floor plan of building, then we could design the layout, guide you how to set brewery equipment in your space.


After confirm these questions, we could send a complete quotation with details for you to check first.

We can start next step.