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500L Nano Brewery Equipment in France


500L Nano Brewery Equipment in France

500L Nano Brewery Equipment in France

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Configuration for 500l Nano Brewery Equipment:


No. System Equipments components  Specification Quantity
1 Milling system Mill 200kgs/H 1
2 Mashing system Mash/lauter tank 500L 1
Kettle/whirlpool tank 500L 1
Hot liquid tank 300L 1
ABB Mash pump 3T/H 3
Hops filter tank 30L 1
Wort balance tank 15L 1
Nanhua Plate heat exchanger 6㎡ 1
Lanshell Wort food hose Assorted Assorted
Pipeline valve    
Work platform    
3 Fermenting system 1000L Unitank 1000L 2
500L Unitank 500L 2
1000L  BBT 1000L 2
500L BBT 500L 2
500L Horizontal seving tank 500L 6
Hop gun 60L 1
Yeast feeder 20L 1
4 Glycol cooling system Glycol liquid tank 1500L 1
Kansa Glycol chiller 3HP 2
Glycol liuid pump 2T/H 1
Glycol liquid pipeline Assorted Assorted
5 Control system Control cabinet Digital control 2
6 Movable CIP system Alkali tank 100L 1
Sterilization tank 100L 1
CIP control cabinet Digital control 1
ABB CIP pump+pipeline valve Assorted 1
7 Other parts ABB Mobile pump 1 1
8 Accessories Spare parts (Extra) Assorted 1
9 Steam system Electric steam boiler 50kg/H 1
10 Keg filling Keg fill and wash machine 2 heads 1



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