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North America


North America

North America

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What is your memory for New York? 

Big power? Beautify? No, it is beer!

WELCOME to our beer restaurant, enjoy best beer and foods.


General configuration

Our New York friend who have bought 2 times brewery equipment from us, they visit our factory in 2015 year, I still remember it is a very nice day. Big sunshine and blue sky, it is really see the “ Blue sky”in Jinan, haha :)




Delivery and installation

Final we choose sea shipping by 40HQ container, we also bought the sea insurance for our customer.

Installation by our customer team, we provide 24 hours service.


Customer follow our tank drawing, 3D and layout drawing, after 10 days, they have finished installation.





Which one beer is most popular?


Our customer brewing 6 kinds of beer, most famous is IPA beer.

IPA Raman Nottingham 800g fermentation temperature 18 °

Australian wheat 220kg, castle ruby caramel malt 25kg

After the saccharification was carried out at 68 ° C for 60 minutes, the temperature was raised to 78 ° C to start refluxing

Add 500g before Xiuguan hops

Boil for 30 minutes plus flax 500g

Boil 45 minutes plus flax 500g

Boil for 50 minutes Gasim Branch 500g

55 minutes Caixi Chu boil 500g

Boil 60 minutes plus flax 500g


Brix 12.5bx




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