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IPA beer recipe


IPA beer recipe

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How to brewing best IPA beer?
                                                                        IPA Recipe
Fusco- malt ratio: 4%-5% undertint malt ratio: 95%-96%:
1 Undertint malt crush husk and not broken
2.malt must smash
3.The first time pour into malt mixing evenly, put in malt into mash tank, then stir evenly static, 50℃ for 30 minutes. 4. Malt: water 1:3.5---4
5. (1)When you pour into the malt in the mash tank, keep the temperature 50℃ for 30 minutes.
(2)Rise the temperature 62 ℃ and keep this temperature
for 30 minutes.
(3): Rise the temperature 72℃ and keep this temperature for 20 minutes.
(4): Rise the temperature to 82℃ and wait to filter. 6 static end reflux wort clear start wort filtration
7.The sparge time is 78℃, the water 3 times to add.
8.Finishing the lauter, the wort is full of boiling pot
9.Start to boiling the wort in boiling pot.
10.When the wort start to boiling , add the bitter hop 30g/ 100l wort.
11.After the wort boiling 30 minutes, add the fragrant hop15g/100l wort.
12.10 minutes before the end of boiling, add the fragrant hop15g/100l in the wort.
13.The time is 60 minutes when the wort start to boiling and finish the boiling.
14.The wort in the boiling pot make the whirlpool 15 minutes, and then 30 minutes precipitation.
15.Please exhaust the hot coagulated of boiling tun
16.Cooling wort
17.The wort meed to cooling until 12degree.
18.Add yeast, the type of yeast is S-189( Bottom yeast of Barl ey beer). Please add yeast of 80g, if the fermenter capacity is 100L, so the scale of yeast and capacity of fermenter is 4:5. A
nd you also need add moisture yeast 1L, if the fermenter is 10 0L. Then add O2 for wort keep 5-10mins.
19.after the fermenter is full, please keep 20hours, then Emiss ions coagulum.
20.When temperature of fermenter is 12 degree.
21.Please test the wort degree every day, but the fermenter is full.
22.When the wort degree is get 3.8-4.2ºP, please up the press ure of 0.1Mpa.
23.Please restore of diacetyl when the temperature of ferment er up to 13 degree.
24.After one day of up the pressure in fermenter, then you cou ld Recycling or exhaust yeast.
25.After 7 days of restore of diacetyl, please take a taste. If yo u feel no smell with diacetyl, then drop the temperature. If ther e is smell with diacetyl, please delay 1-3 days, then drop the t emperature.
26.When temperature is 2degree, just take the beer, it is ok. 27.Finally, please exhaust the yeast of bottom fermenter one time three days.
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