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1000l micro brewery tanks for brewery

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1000l micro brewery tanks for brewery

Product description
Product Description

Are you looking for a 1000L micro beer making equipment?

800L small beer making equipment is a typical model for small brewpubs or beer bar and restaurant.

Flexible installation and operation make it very popular.

Our company can offer customization service from Brewhouse structure to Fermenters, Brite tanks.

which means you would be part of your own equipment designer and participant.

Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Company will help you brew awesome beer!  

 1000L micro brewery tanks 




Grain mill

Grain crushing


Flexible Auger

Conveyor the malt from mill to mash tun



Grain mashing, lautering, wort boiling, whirlpool, hot water supply


Fermentation Tank

Wort Fermentation or maturation


Filtration Unit

Beer filtration


Bright Beer Tank

Beer maturation/conditioning

/serving/filtered beer receiving


Glycol Chilling Unit

Glycol water supply for wort, cooling and fermentation cooling


Controlling Unit

Brewhouse controlling

Fermenter controlling

Bright beer tank controlling


CIP Unit

Supply caustic liquid and sterilization liquid for all tanks cleaning


Keg Filler and Washer    

Filling kegs and washing kegs


Bottling Machine

Rinsing/Filling/Capping/Labeling bottles


Assisting purchased facilities

Water treating equipment

Steam Boiler, burner

Kegs, etc.



Brewhouse for 1000L  micro brewery tanks 

Brewhouse is the part that decides how many liters beer you can brew one batch.

Usually, 800L brewhouse is 2Vessels (Mash/Lauter tun,Kettle/Whirlpool tun) plus one 800L Hot water tank.

The brewhouse can be also 3Vessels or 4Vessels, depends on your intention.

If you want to maximize the brewhouse function and get as large beer output as possible, you can condsider 3 or 4Vessels. Hopback, Heat Exchanger and Glass Wort Grant are for your own optional. 


Fermenter for 1000L  micro brewery 

1000L Fermenting tanks can be both partners for 1000L brewhouse.

If your brewpubs has no ceiling height limitation, 1000L would be the best choice to save cost and installation space.

Manhole is on lateral side for 1000L Fermenter. Two L-shape pipes on top.One is CIP arm, the other is CO2 blow-off pipe. 

For 1000L beer fermenter, the manhole is on top. For fermenters that below 1000L, top manhole is commom.


Fermentation-important process for beer brewery: 

Fermentation takes place in fermentation vessels which comes in various forms, from enormous cylindroconical vessels, through open stone vessels, to wooden vats. It's during this fermentation stage, that sugars won from the malt are converted into alchohol and carbon dioxide, and the product can be called beer for the first time. 


Basic technical parameters of our 1000L conical fermentation tank

Capacity 1000L

 Industrial/commercial beer brewery plant 

Material  SUS304/316 Food and sanitary material
Thickness 2/3mm Pressure-resistance design 
Manway SUS304

Top manway/Side manway, optional 

Cooling  Liquid cooled Glycol water cooled 
Cooling jacket Dimple plate

High heat exchange rate

Pressure-resistance structure 

Cone and cylinder 

Bottom cone 60° Allow the yeast to flow towards the cone's apex, can be simply flushed out of the tank 
Cleaning Spray ball 360° thorough cleaning 
Temperature PT100/Bimetallic thermometer display through control cabinet or on the tanks directly 
Pressure  Automatci 

Mechanical pressure relief valve 

Safety valve on the top 

Bunging device, optional

Sampling  SUS304

Aseptic sampling valve, no dead coner

Pressure gauge SUS304

Display pressure in both Psi & Mpa

Safety valve SUS304 For pressure and vacuum 
Dry hops  SUS304 Tri clover type, optional 
Racking arm SUS304 Rotatable for saving beer  
Carbonation device Optional 

Special jet for carbonation of beverages from CO2 bottle

Hanger & Ladder SUS 304

Suitable for tanks 

Production process: 

TIG welding 


Strict pressure & leaking test


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Our service


Free consultation service before, during and after sales


Project planning and design services


Free debugging instruction of equipment until everything is functional


Management of equipments' long distance shipping from our factory to your port 


Training of equipment maintenance and operating personally


New production techniques



Provide 5 years complete   warrantee for main parts and life-time maintenance service;

We are responsible for the nature damage of the machinery in the warranty period except for man-made damage. All spare parts and wearing parts are attached   with the machinery for free


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