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Semi-automatic Beer Filling Machine

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Semi-automatic Beer Filling Machine

Product description


1. Product Description of beer bottling machine


Packaging is putting the beer into the containers in which it will leave the brewery.

Typically, this means putting the beer into bottles, aluminium cans and kegs/casks,

 it may include putting the beer into bulk tanks for high-volume customers.

But the most popular way is to filling into beer bottle, which can sold in shops and super market.

And the carbonation in beer is also very important, so choosing a good beer bottling machine is very necessary.

Qihui beer bottling machinecan finish filling and capping iin the machine at one time,

and it is automatic controlled by PLC, all parameters can be adjusted.

O2 pressureization and vaccumization functions are avaiable for beer brewing system.

Isbor filling method with uniquie pressure maintaining system is adopted,

that makes beer bottling machine have a stable and reliable performance, and minimize the beer loss.

The perssure compensator gurantee a stable filling process.

The working process is : fix the bottles-CO pressurizing-vacuumizing-CO2 pressurizing-filling-pressure stabilization-

pressure relief-stop-move the bottles to capping stations-capping-take the bottles


bottle filling machine.png

2. Product Specification of beer bottling machine


Semi-aotumatic beer bottle filling and Capping Machine 
Type SABF4 (no capping) SABF4-4 SABF6-6 SABF8-8
Beer working pressure 0.15-0.20MPa 0.15-0.20MPa 0.15-0.20MPa 0.15-0.20MPa
Bottle Type 300ml  500ml 300ml  500ml 300ml  500ml 300ml  500ml
Filling Part With Flowmeter Or Not No No No No
Air Regulator 0.55-0.65MPa 0.55-0.65MPa 0.55-0.65MPa 0.55-0.65MPa
CO2 Regulator 0.15-0.2MPa 0.15-0.2MPa 0.15-0.2MPa 0.15-0.2MPa
Beer Source Pressure 0-0.1MPa 0-0.1MPa 0-0.1MPa 0-0.1MPa
Filling Capacity 180-200pcs 240-300pcs 300-360pcs 400-480pcs
Power 1PH 110-240V 50/60Hz 1PH 110-240V 50/60Hz 1PH 110-240V 50/60Hz 1PH 110-240V 50/60Hz
Size:L*W*H (m) 1.66×0.7×1.9 1.99×0.7×1.9 2.65×0.7×1.9 3.35×0.7×1.9
 Package Size:L*W*H (m) 1.75×0.85×2.1 2.1×0.85×2.1 2.8×0.85×2.1 3.5×0.85×2.1
Package Composite Borad Box





























3. Hot to operate semi-auto beer bottling machine:


1) Connect beer, compressed air and Co2.

2) Turn the valve 1 to the position " down", and the cylinder goes down.

3) Turn the valve 2 to the position  " pressurize" .

4) Observe the pressure value of the pressure gauge 4, set the pressure value a little lower than

the fermenting tank pressure. For example, if the fermenting tank pressure is 0.15 MPA,

please set the pressure gauge value as 0.11-0.12 MPA.

5)Turn the valve 4 to the position " Fill", then it start to fill, when the beer reach the required level ,

turn the valve 3 to the position " stop", and turn the valve 2  to the position " release",

and when the pressure gauge shows "0", turn the valve  1 to the position " up", then the cylinder goes up.

6) Push the bottles to the capping station, Turn the valve 5 to the position  "down", then it starts to seal,

when finished, turn the valve 5 to the station " up" , the cylinder goes up.


Bottle filling machine (1).jpg

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