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7BBL per batch micro beer brewing systems for sale

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7BBL per batch micro beer brewing systems for sale

Product description
Product Description

Product Description:

7BBL per batch micro beer brewing systems for sale

Are you looking for a 7BBL micro beer making equipment?

7BBL small beer making equipment is a typical model for small brewpubs or beer bar and restaurant.

Flexible installation and operation make it very popular.

Our company can offer customization service from Brewhouse structure to Fermenters, Brite tanks.

which means you would be part of your own equipment designer and participant.

Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Company will help you brew awesome beer!  

                                        7BBL beer brewing system configuration:     

7BBL beer manufacturing equipment (Can be customized )

Main Components

01.Malt Mill

01.Steam Boiler(Optional)

01.Mash Tun / Lauter Tank

02.Whirlpool Tank /Brew Kettle

01.Fermentation Tank

01.Glycol liquid Tank

02.Glycol pump+Glycol liquid pipeline

01.Sterilization Tank

02.Alkali Tank 

with PLC screens to monitor the

temperature of the fermentation, 

the Brew house and  Glycol Tank. (High Quality)



Company Information

Company information: 

Jinan Qihui Equipment Technology Co.,Ltd is one of the biggest and best professional beer brewing equipment manufacturer and exporter in China. We strictly follow German beer equipment production technology,design and manufacture beer equipment applying to domestic and foreign customers.With our perfect before and after sales service,we serve the customers all over the world.You are welcomed to visit our factory and office.

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