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500L 1000L 2000L brite tank for store beer

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500L 1000L 2000L brite tank for store beer

Product description
Product Description

500L 1000L 2000L beer serving equipment for store beer        

Product description:

Serving system :

1) Bright tanks with vertical or Horizontal style

2) DE fIlter  

3) With CO2 filling port and device

4) to keep the beer with longer time to get the more tasteful beer 

5) With CIP washing device   


Horizontal serving tank/BBT/Bright tank/Brite tank





                            beer serving equipment  configuration (For reference)

1 Material SUS304
2 Exterior shell 2mm
3 Interior shell 3mm
4 Insulation material PU
5 Insulation TH 80mm
6 Top type Dished head 
7 Manhole Type Side
8 Manhole size 530x430mm
9 Inner cone 150 degree
10 CIP pipe Diameter Φ32
11 CIP ball(1) 360º Rotating spray ball
12 Temperature sense PT100 sensor
13 Thermowell diameter Φ10
14 Inner Polishing 0.2-0.4micron
15 Design pressure 0.3Mpa
16 Cooling type Dimple cooling jacket
17 Cooling jacket inlet   G3/4
18 Cooling jacket outlet G3/4
19 Carbonation stone  1pc
20 Pressure gauge 1pc
21 Sample port  Φ38
22 Drain outlet Φ51
23 Safety valve (PVRV) Φ51
24 Liquid level indicator  Φ19


Company Information

Company information:

Qihui is a well-known brewing equipment supply company in China which has 30 years brewing experience and ten years manufacturing experience. Our company combines the world’s most sophisticated brewing technology with economical prices in order to provide our customers with the best equipment at affordable price. Our customer segmentation is mainly focused on the Euramerican developed countries such as the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Russia, etc. At present, we have no formal foreign agents but we are looking for superior agents to create a brilliant future.



1. Q: Are you a manufacturer?
A: We are the manufacturer of beer brewing equipment for 16 years.
2.Q:Can I have the customized products for myself?
A:Yes,we can design and manufacture as client's requirements. 
3.Q: Can you guarantee your quality?

If you want to get the answer, please contact me.......


Our Services

Our services:

1.Our brew masters and technicians are available to help the customer to train their worker to operate the plant

2.We can also offer the bottle filling system and the flexible conveyor.

3.Our contact method is 24*7 hours standing by. Every way such as WhatsApp, email, Facetime, phone calling is right at your service.

4.Professional engineers going abroad for the installation, debugging, and training.

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