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500l horizontal bright beer tank, brite , horizontal beer serving tank or BBT

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500l horizontal bright beer tank, brite , horizontal beer serving tank or BBT

Product description

Horizontal bright beer tank

All parts of brite beer tank are made of high-quality stainless steel (surface can be polished with 2B or high-precision), strictly comply with the minimum thickness requirements in the national standards, non-pressure bearing components are also made of 2mm high quality stainless steel surface (optional 2B or high-precision polishing), real materials and professional design and manufacturing are the guarantee of quality. We attach great importance to international standards and provide products with the same quality as Europe and the United States. In Europe and the United States, Australia has a very high market share.

horizontal bright beer tank, brite , horizontal beer serving tank or BBT

10BBL stainless steel brite tank for sale






300kgs miller


Grains miller



Mash/lauter tun

Kettle/whirlpool tun



Heating way

Hot water tank




Beer capacity base on quantity of fermenter

Fermentation 2 weeks

4 Light beer tank 2 serving beer

Cooling unit


Glycol water tank+chiller+pump


Control unit


Digital or PLC control


CIP unit


Clean the brewery





Commercial beer brewing equipment:

Mash Lauter Tun with grist hydrator

Kettle Whirlpool Tank with heating jacketed

Grant Tank

Stainless steel Platform

Plate Heat Exchanger

Sanitary Wort Pump x2;

Wort Oxygenator;

Semi-Auto Control Panel;

Interior surface to finish pickled and passivated

Exterior surface to brushed, 4 finish

Interior surface to polished to RA≤0.22μm

Exterior surface adapts satin polish.

Method of Heating Ways:

Steam: Dimple plate jacket with inlet/outlet fittings for Steam heat transfer;

Electric: Use electric heaters in jacket to heat the medium in the jacket

Gas fired: Use gas burner at bottom to heat tank directly;

About us:

Our company mainly produces food machinery and specializes in the research, development and manufacturing of beer equipment and brewing equipment. Our products are sold throughout the country and now we have various types of mechanical processing equipment to meet the needs of users at different levels. Since its establishment, we have been adhering to the principle of good faith management, being aggressive and pioneering, fully absorbing advanced technologies at home and abroad, and gathering the strengths of the public, after years of hard work. The company has become a competitive professional manufacturer in China.

Our service:

Pre-sale service:

According to customer requirements to provide one-stop brewing beer project solution: tailored process flow chart; site layout; cost-benefit analysis.

Production monitoring

Equipment production will be strictly according to standards, timely communication with the customer production and other production conditions; to guide customers to prepare the venue; to help customers handle the relevant permit business procedures; equipment acceptance after the completion of timely and accurate delivery, contact the logistics do a good job Shipping matters.

After-sales service:

Our commitment to all tanks five-year warranty, life-long technical support. And send professional brewing engineers free on-site guidance to install debugging; to teach brewing beer brewing technology; provide a variety of brewing brewing formula; supply all kinds of beer brewing raw materials.


1. Safe

The most import here is safe, when you operate the machine, please take your safe at first stage.

2. Materials

Expect the good brewery equipment, please choose good materials, like hops and barley.

3. Brewing water

Brewing water is very important for beer, it take 70%-80% in tank.

If your taper water is not good, buy one water treatment is best.

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