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3 vessel 2000L brewery equipment for beer brewing

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3 vessel 2000L brewery equipment for beer brewing

Product description
Company Information

      Hello everyone, welcome to qihui, now let me introuduce more about us. Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Co., Ltd is one of the currently strongest beer equipment manufacturer in China with technical strength. Our technology team have more than 20 years of produce and design experience. For the industrial brewery equipment, we provide from raw material system, mashing system, fermentation system, brite beer system,, glycol cooling system, control systems, beer filling system etc. perform "one-stop" services, and can be partially modified and provide good technical solutions according to the needs of the brewery.


Product Description

       Qihui company adopts Germany advanced brewing technology and combines the needs of domestic and foreign customers to design and produce the breweries equipment. It is well-produced, simple to operate, easy to learn and understand, the production of stout beer, yellow beer, white beer, wheat beer, barley beer and other pure taste beer are deeply loved by customers. 10BBL-50BBL output, used in craft beer factory, very modern stainless steel brewery equipment.  

Our equipments have been sold domestically and exported to Europe, American and other places around the world, won the praise of domestic and foreign merchants!

Please send an inquiry to us freely!

3 vessel 2000l brewery equipment  

No. System  Equipments components    Specification  Quantity 
1 Milling system  Malt mill 500kgs/H 1
Flexible conveyor 500kgs/H 1
Grist hopper 1500L 1
2 Mashing system  Mash tun 2000L  1
Lauter tun 2000L 1
Kettle/Whirlpool tun 2000L 1
Hot liquid tank  3000L 1
Brewhouse centirfugal pump 5T/H 3
Hops filter  50L 1
Wort balance tank 15L 1
Plate heat exchanger  20m2 1
Wort food hose  Assorted Assorted
 Pipeline and valves 
Operation Platform
3 Fermenting system  Fermenter 2000L  6
Yeast feeder 20L  1
4 Glycol cooling system  Glycol liquid tank 3000L  1
Cold water tank 3000L 1
Glycol liquid pump 4T/H 1
Cold water centrifugal pump 5T/H 1
Glycol chiller 10HP 2
Glycol liquid pipeline  Assorted Assorted
5  Control system  Brewhouse control box Digital control  1
Fermenting control box  Digital control  1
6 CIP system  Alkali tank 200L 1
Sterilization tank 200L 1
CIP control cabinet Digital control  1
CIP pump+pipeline valve Assorted 1
7 Accessories Spare parts (Extra) Assorted 1
8 Steam boiler LPG steam boiler 200kgs/H 1
Necessary element Pipes&valves SUS304 Assorted
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1. Can you design the brewing equipment for our brewery?

    Yes, we can, We have a professional design team of 6 engineers to help you build your brewery. 

2. How to choose a fit capacity for our brewery?

   Firstly, we need to know how many liters do you want to brew one time.

   Then according to dalily beer output, we will suggest the quantity of fermenters.         

3. Can your brewery system brew both lager and ale?

   Yes, of course. Our equipment not only brew ale, lager, but also cider.


Welcome to send an inquiry to us freely!


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