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7BBL beer brewing equipment for turnkey brewery system

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7BBL beer brewing equipment for turnkey brewery system

Product description

Product Description:

7BBL beer brewing equipment for turnkey brewery system

Mash system, it is the most important part of beer making machine. It consist of mash tun,lauter tun, kettle, whirlpool tank. All of our equipments are made out of sus304. The thickness of the inner tank is 3mm,the outer is 2mm.

A combination mash/lauter tun is used to steep the malted grain in hot water to extract the soluble goodness (wort) from the grain to prepare for brewing. Upon completion of this step the spent grains are discharged through the chute on the front of the brew house.

Within the industrial beer making mahcine brew kettle the wort is then boiled for a prescribed time interval to precipitate unwanted elements and to infuse the addition of flavorful hops.

                            7BBL beer brewing equipment configuration:     

7BBL beer brewing equipment  system (Can be customized )

Main Components

01.Malt Mill

01.Steam Boiler(Optional)

01.Mash Tun / Lauter Tank

02.Whirlpool Tank /Brew Kettle

01.Fermentation Tank

01.Glycol liquid Tank

02.Glycol pump+Glycol liquid pipeline

01.Sterilization Tank

02.Alkali Tank 

with PLC screens to monitor the

temperature of the fermentation, 

the Brew house and  Glycol Tank. (High Quality)

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