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15bbl Brewhouse for brewery

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15bbl Brewhouse for brewery

Product description

15 bbl two-vessel or three-vessel or four vessel brewhouse
Mash vessel – with mixer, frequency drive
Lauter tun – false bottom, plough, sparging
Boiling kettle/whirlpool tun- steam jackets or calandria, tangential entry
Pumps with ABB motor
Stainless steel 304 working platform
Plate heat exchanger – 304 or 316 plates
Siemens PLC control system, UL rated control system
15 bbl and 30 bbl fermentation tanks/bright beer tanks
Glycol cooling system
CIP system
Grain milling machine
Keg washer/filler
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15BBL Brew House/Micro Brewery

No. System  Equipments components Specification  Quantity 
1 Milling system  Malt mill  500kgs/H 1
Flexible conveyor 500kgs/H 1
Grist hopper 1500L 1
2 Mashing system  Mash tun 15BBL  1
Lauter tun 15BBL 1
Boil kettle 15BBL  
Whirlpool tun 15BBL 1
Hot liquid tank  30BBL 1
Brewhouse centirfugal pump 5T/H 4
Hops filter  50L 1
Wort balance tank 15L 1
Plate heat exchanger  20m2 1
Wort food hose  Assorted Assorted
 Pipeline and valves 
Operation Platform
3 Fermenting system  Fermenter 15BBL  3
30BBL 2
45BBL 1
Brite tank 15BBL 1
Yeast feeder 50L  1
4 Glycol cooling system  Glycol liquid tank 30BBL  1
Cold water tank 30BBL 1
Glycol liquid pump 4T/H 1
Cold water centrifugal pump 5T/H 1
Glycol chiller 10HP 2
Glycol liquid pipeline  Assorted Assorted
5  Control system  PLC control box Touch screen  1
6 CIP system  Alkali tank 200L 1
Sterilization tank 200L 1
CIP control cabinet Digital control  1
CIP pump+pipeline valve Assorted 1
7 Accessories Spare parts (Extra) Assorted 1
8 Steam boiler Natural gas steam boiler 200kgs/H 1
Necessary element Pipes&valves SUS304 Assorted

1. Brewhouse system

-Two-Four vessles or combined system.

-Capacity 100L-5000L, 1bbl-40bbl.

- Steam heated, electrical heated or natural gas 

-Mash tun with mixer, steam jacket, VFD motor, insulated 80mm. Stainelsss steel 304.

-Lauter tun with rake system, milled false bottom, sparging spray ring, VFD motor, insulated 80mm. 

-Boiling kettle with steam jacket, inner heated option, insulated 80mm. Stainelsss steel 304.

-Whirlpool with Tangential whirlpool inlet. insulated 80mm. Stainelsss steel 304.

-Insulated HLT and CLT with the pipelines and pumps

-External wort balance tank, hops filter, heat exchanger. Wort oxygenation system, working platform.

-All the necessary pipelines and pumps.

2. Fermentation System- Beer Fermenter and brite tanks

-Usage: fermentation, maturation and storage

1-Domed head and conical bottom

2-Material: SUS 304, inner thickness 3mm, outer thickness1.5mm, Insulation: PU=80mm

3-Top manway

4-Cone bottom, 60 degree

5-Pressure gauge

6-Safety/vacuum valve

7-Working pressure: 0.15Mpa

8-Testing pressure: 0.3Mpa

9-Cooling jackets on both cylinder and cone

10-Inside 360 rotating CIP ball

11. Rotating Racking arm

12-Thermowell, 10mm

13-Temperature sensor, Model: PT100

14-Wort piping and butterfly valves, ø32mm

15-Drainage piping and butterfly valve, ø38mm

16-3 or 4 legs with adjustable bolts

-carbonation stone (optional)

- dry hops port (optional) 

3.Cooling System

Description: Air-cooled type chiller + Ice water tank or Glycol tank

Capacity: 3HP, 5HP, 7HP, 10HP, 15HP, 20HP, 30HP+ 500L-20000L tank

4.Control System              

-PID or PLC system

-SIEMENS program S7-200, Siemens touch screen.

-Penumatic valves for optional

5. CIP system

1) Alkali tank with heating function

2) Sterilization tank 

3) CIP pump

4) Control cabinet 

More Details
1500L beer brewery equipment SS304 mashing system and conical fermentation tank
1500L microbrewery equipment usually used in a pub or restaurant.
The configurations usually: American style 2 vessel brewhouse and Fermenters, brite tank, cooling system, digital control system and 100L CIP.
Heating method:steam heating is a good choice.
For the quantity of fermenters and brite tank, it is completely up to you.
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