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5BBL Beer Brewery equipment Cooling Jacketed Conical Fermenter

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5BBL Beer Brewery equipment Cooling Jacketed Conical Fermenter

Product description
Product Description

Product Description:                                                                        

5BBL Beer Brewery equipment Cooling Jacketed Conical Fermenter  

Fermentation is the process by which yeast converts the glucose in the wort to ethyl alcohol and carbon dioxide gas, giving both its alcohol content and its carbonation. To begin the fermentation process, the cooled wort is transferred into a fermenation vessel to which the yeast has already been added.

The production of beer in morden breweries now most commonly use clylindro conical vessels, cylinderical vessel with a conical bottom in which are used for primary fermenation or the entire fermentation process, including maturation, also called uni-fermentors.

                                              5BBL Conical Fermenter configuration                                




Can be customized

Raw Material

 304 stainless steel or red copper cladding

 Tank Wall

 Outer 2mm / inner 3mm.


 Polyurethane, TH: 80-100mm

 Glycol jacket

 Dimple jacket on the cone and side


 Inside is Mirror polish

Company Information

Company introduction:                                                                     

Jinan Qihui Beer Equipment Co., Ltd. is a fermentation equipment manufacturing enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales. The company is headquartered in the beautiful spring city of Jinan, the company has always been committed to professionally provide customers with projects including beer, wine nd other areas of consulting, process research and development, application design, equipment manufacturing, engineering services, after-sales maintenance, etc. One-stop service, your satisfaction is our pursuit. Qi Hui equipment exports to the United States, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Australia, Scandinavia, Africa, South America and other countries and regions.

Our Services


a). Free consultation service before, during, and after sales;

b). Free project planning and design services;

c). Free debugging of equipment until everything is functional;

d). Free management of equipments' long distance shipping;

e). Free training of equipment maintenance and operating personally;

f). Free new production techniques and formulas;

g). Provide 5 year complete warrantee and life-time maintance service





1. Which countries your products are exported to?
Our products are sold all over the world and with related certifications.

2. Is your goods has ISO9001 or CE certificate ?
Yes,all our goods has ISO and CE certificate. All machines are high quality goods.

3. Q: Are you a manufacturer?
We are the manufacturer of beer brewing equipment for more than 10 years.

4.Q: Can you do OEM or ODM?

If you want to get the answer, please contact me.......

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